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Foods That Cause Cancer

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The Symptoms, Causes And Life Expectancy On Pancreatic Cancer

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Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States and the fifth globally. Why so? Just how do doctors detect this disease and how's the life staging of individuals identified as having the same disease?

Introduction - Pancreas

The pancreas is an organ located in the abdomen. It takes on two important roles in our body (1)converting foods into fuel for the body's cells and (2)yet another is to regulate the blood sugar in the body.

Basic Anatomy

The pancreas is located behind the stomach together with other organs such as the small intestine and the liver.

Pancreatic cancer risk factor

Pancreatic cancer is said to be one kind of cancer which is difficult to diagnose. This is one of the major reasons why many organizations help offer information regarding this disease. Knowing the risk factors of the said disease can also help everyone to at least get rid of it.

  1. Poor BMI - Regardless of what race, it's been observed that patients with poor bmi (overweight/obese) are commonly susceptible to having pancreatic cancer.
  2. Pancreatitis - It's a disease in the pancreas that can be acute or persistent. It's the sudden or severe inflammation of the pancreas which is also included in the risks.
  3. Diabetes - the moment a person is identified as having diabetes, numerous complications will almost certainly appear and pancreatic cancer is one of those.
  4. Family history - The genetic susceptibility of a person may also be a great risk to having pancreatic cancer. Studies show that 10% of pancreatic cancer patients developed their cancers due to genetic factors.
  5. Smoking - In different types of disease, cigarette smoking is a major risk factor. It is believed that 30% of pancreatic cancer patients developed their cancers due to cigarette smoking. This maybe one of the most preventable risks of having pancreatic cancer along with other types of cancer.
  6. Diet - Alternative cancer treatment centers think that pancreatic cancer cases occur because of poor diet. Foods rich in nitrates which includes processed meat and foods full of fats and calories causes the same.
  7. Being an African-American is additionally included - The only reason why African-Americans are high risk is due to the fact they have the poorest prognosis amongst all of the racial groups. They are rarely clinically diagnosed in advanced and therefore it is one of the reasons exactly why they are susceptible to most types of diseases.

Symptoms of Pancreatic cancer

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer usually do not appear easily because detection of the same is very difficult. Having said that, if you're experiencing these symptoms you might want to seek the aid of a cancer treatment center.

  1. Yellowish skin and eyes
  2. Abdominal pain usually 3-4 hours after eating
  3. Unexplainable weight loss
  4. Vomiting
  5. Sudden appetite loss
  6. Itchy skin
  7. Diabetes
  8. Any changes in stool or urine color

Life expectancy

Since the detection of the disease is very difficult because the symptoms are very alike to other diseases, the life expectancy of a pancreatic cancer patient can be quite low. When someone is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, usually the person's life expectancy will probably be about 5-8 months. Only 5% of pancreatic cancer patients survive their diseases in approximately a year. But again, the percentage may fall and rise based on the staging.

Cancer treatment centers can tell the life span of a pancreatic cancer patient is small, mainly because of the position of the pancreas itself. It's well hidden in the body and despite its size, no skilled expert can see or monitor the same since no apparatus can check the pancreas' condition.

A pancreatic cancer patient's life expectancy might be one of the more morbid and provides disappointing news too. But everyone must be aware of it and prevent the risk factors. Research and articles on the web have been in existence and all you've to do is to research and use the things you've learned from those. Again, prevention is preferable to cure. Take action now, before it's too late.

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Foods That Cause Cancer image 1

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