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Foods That Harm Foods That Heal

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Good Diets To Lose Weight

foods-that-harm-foods-that-heal: Foods That Harm Foods That HealSookie James Photo By Sookie James on March 14, 2011

When you resort to exercising more and eating less, the amount of calories your body burns, makes you very tired, which is not a very healthy thing for your body. There are plenty of good diets to lose weight - which basically include foods that are wholesome, giving your body the right amount of energy and balance.

Junk food eating is similar to patterns of addiction of any sort. The pleasure centers of the brain get stimulated with any pleasurable activity such as drugs, sex and even food, releasing dopamine. If the receptor is overstimulated, the body produces less and less dopamine and we compensate for it by eating more and more. Junk food does pretty much the same. I feel quite severely about junk food, processed foods and most commercial foods. And these certainly don't come anywhere close to being included in good diets to lose weight.

Also when you give up these, your taste buds begin loving the taste of fresh vegetables and fruits that are obviously delicious, but the taste buds have been too overpowered by what you've been eating all this time. Processed meats contain harmful nitrates and nitrites amongst other food additives and are culprits for weight gain. Ingredients like MSG, trans fats and aspartame increase fat and make you hungry all the time. In good diets to lose weight, there may be foods that you may have to give up, and necessarily include foods you probably didn't have much of a liking for. But once you get in the mode of eating the right foods in the right way, you won't miss those that you believed you'd miss.

Junk Food Junkie Rats

A favorite example of mine, which I'd like to share here, is an experiment conducted on rats that were fed a steady diet of junk food, processed meats, cakes and the like. Within a week, the rats began eating compulsively. Later to test the rats, they were put up on a wheel and had their brains hooked directly to a device that would stimulate their dopamine receptors whilst they run on the wheel. It was found out that rats who ate junk food, ran for a longer time on the wheel than rats that didn't. Their pleasure centers in the brain had become desensitized, and that too after only 5 days of eating junk food. Still, the scientists wanted to find out further how much the rats had been thrown into their addiction of junk food.

So, they performed another experiment on them that subjected these rats to electric shocks whenever they ate junk food. Rats who'd been eating junk food for a longer time ignored the shocks and continued eating, whilst those that were introduced to junk food newly, stayed away. Furthermore, the scientists who conducted this experiment had quite an eye-opening experience when they found out that the rats fat with junk food rather starve themselves than return to the normal food that they usually ate.

Detox is First

Alright, now that we know how junk food addiction can get, which may be a root cause of your obesity or excess weight (however you'd like to term it in your case), let's have a look at an essential before you delve into knowing about good diets to lose weight, and that is to detoxify your body! A good detox diet works wonders before you start eating healthy foods to lose weight, as it clears out the pile-up of a lot of toxins from your body. This is, especially, for people who are used to eating their dinners from the supermarkets and other processed foods.

Fasting for an entire day is beneficial. Your body goes into healing mode. Later, drinking only water, fruit and vegetable juices (not those in cartons, as it would defeat the purpose) made of fresh fruits or vegetables put in a blender is great. Juice detox is best as juices contain all the enzymes, fibers, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, chlorophyll and protein your body needs and your energy-levels remain at an optimum. Try not eating any solid food at all for the first day and a half.

I would certainly not suggest you to overdo it. Some people have been known to go on a detox of lemon water which is great, but drinking just that for 10 days in a row, with nothing else, is just crazy. It saps your body off it's nutrients, making you feel low, irritable and can induce vomiting, leading you to feeling ill. And even if it doesn't do all those things, your body goes into a shock and the next time you eat, whatever little it may be, your body will store as many nutrients as possible, including a lot of fat! And, I suppose, it isn't the most endearing thing. After the detox, avoid eating any junk food and resort to eating lush green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Avoid overly cooked foods. If you do plan to steam or cook them a little bit, use fresh butter instead of processed butter or ugly margarine.

Extra virgin olive oil is best for salad dressings. If you want to cook with olive oil, don't overheat it, as overheating olive oil produces toxins. Mainly, when you're looking for good diets to lose weight, it is essential that you eat foods that don't clog your digestive system, thus slowing down your metabolism. Here are some essentials that will benefit you amply, and make for good diets to lose weight fast.

Magic Foods in Good Diets to Lose Weight

Some great herbal teas to be included for breakfast in good diets to lose weight, which would also help you detox are:

Burdock Root: Burdock root in burdock root tea cleanses your blood, reduces fat by regulating blood sugar levels in your body. Read more on burdock root tea.

Ginger Root: One of my own favorites is hot ginger lemon tea with honey. The ginger root in the tea makes you sweat and helps you get rid of the toxins in your body and also makes for one of the best ingredients in good diets to lose weight.

Basil: Holy Basil, or Tulsi, is known to be one of the most healing herbs. It has phytochemicals and antioxidants that strengthen your immune system and relieve stress. Drinking the mildly spicy basil tea enhances your metabolism and promotes weight loss.

Mint: A soothing mint tea benefits when had with honey in the morning. It curbs hunger, reduces stress and boosts the immune system. Mint also relieves pain and nausea.

Here are some magic foods that can be included in good diets to lose weight:

Turmeric: A polyphenol called 'curcumin' in turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and prevents cancer. Curcumin found in turmeric actually suppresses growth of fat tissue, reducing chances of weight gain very effectively.

Kelp: Noodles, made from this brown seaweed, have almost no starch. Kelp noodles are rich in minerals and are great to make spaghetti, noodle salads and soups. A bag of kelp noodles has only 18 calories and they make you feel full without adding fat to your body.

Olive oil: The polyunsaturated fatty acids that olive oil contains are essential for your body without the disadvantage of the ugly fat you don't need. There are several health benefits of olive oil as it is a rich source of linoleic acid- an omega-6 fatty acid which is required for your the growth and healing of tissues and metabolism of fat.

Magnesium rich foods: Magnesium activates hundreds of enzymes, so your body gets the maximum number of nutrients from what you eat. At the same time, magnesium rich foods control your blood sugar levels, thus maintaining your weight. Magnesium deficiency leads your body to store fat, that you really don't need. So a magnesium-rich diet is most certainly an essential part of good diets to lose weight.

Psyllium husk: Psyllium husk lines your stomach, gives you a feeling of fullness and is also rich in its fiber content. Psyllium husk is best had with a glass of cold water.

Lentils: These can be used in soups, dips and to make lentil salad. Having high fiber content, lentils make a great food to add to good diets to lose weight, as the fiber keeps check of your blood sugar levels and accumulation of fat.

Zucchini: Being a low-density food, zucchini makes you feel full and eat less. It has merely 20 calories when you look at zucchini calories.

Honey: This is a miraculously healthy substitute for unhealthy sugar, if you have a sweet-tooth. The reason why substituting honey for sugar is great, is that unlike sugar or corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners, it is natural and has hints of proteins, vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and C, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc and some antioxidants. One teaspoon of honey contains 22 healthy calories and not empty, yet heavy ones, like sugar contains. Honey and ginger is a great combination to speed up your body's metabolism. This combination makes for a good way to begin the day and a necessary ingredient in good diets to lose weight.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit contains a soluble fiber, pectin, known to reduce cholesterol and also plaque from blood vessel walls. The ruby-red ones also contain lycopene which prevents any harm to artery-walls. It also contains Vitamin C that boosts your immune system. Grapefruit juice benefits by helping you lose a lot of weight by drinking it just before your meals. This is one of the healthy foods to lose weight.

Iodine: Salt contains iodine that regulates your thyroid levels, boosting fat-metabolism. Hence, iodine-rich foods are great to include in good diets to lose weight.

Fermented foods make for good diets to lose weight:

* Yogurt
* Kefir
* Miso (See Miso Soup)
* Tofu
* Sauerkraut (See - How to Make Sauerkraut)
* Kimchi (See - How to Make Kimchi)
* Kombucha

The wrong kinds of diet, and eating of lots of processed foods and sugar is bound to make your stomach have bad bacteria. Fermented foods, like the ones listed above, are great for your body, as they help with the growth of the good bacteria that your stomach needs. When these are not present, your body ends up storing fat and toxins leading to obesity. The live bacteria in fermented foods help get rid of toxins, prevent growth of harmful parasitic micro-organisms, help with absorption of nutrients and vitamins by way of helping your body digest food well.

Thus, helping you lose weight and boosting your immune system. These bacteria need to feed on fructo-oligosaccharides found in avocados, bananas and artichokes. Bananas sliced in plain yogurt and honey is really the best thing to have, first thing in the morning after a herbal tea and it makes as one of the best foods for good diets to lose weight.

Protein-rich foods make for good diets to lose weight:

It has been found out that foods high in natural protein-rich foods should be included in good diets to lose weight.

* Spirulina
* Whey Protein
* Quinoa
* Fish oil

Protein foods to avoid-

* Cow milk
* Beef or red meat
* Protein powder with artificial sweeteners
* Cheese

Right Food Combinations for Good Diets to Lose Weight

Food-combining is one of the quick diet tips, as it plays an essential role in how your digestive-system can cope with the combination of foods you eat. Your body digests food with the help of juices and enzymes that are secreted in response to what you eat. The juices are either alkaline or acidic, depending upon the kind of enzymes required to digest that particular kind of food. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats all have their own particular kind of enzymes that are needed to break them down. It isn't a very wise thing to mix high protein foods with high carbohydrate foods. It is best to eat protein-rich foods with salads and acid fruits such as pineapples, blackberries, strawberries, oranges and the like as protein foods require acidic juices in order to break them down and the vitamin C in the fruits or salads, helps digest the proteins more effectively.

Protein-rich foods can't be eaten all together. For instance, nuts, meat, eggs, cheese should be eaten alone. No two should be eaten together at a meal as they all need different digestive juices that have their own nature and timing of secretion.

Fats and proteins shouldn't be eaten together as the digestive juices first act on the protein, leaving the fat undigested for hours before they finish working on the proteins.

Other examples of bad combinations of foods that don't make for good diets to lose weight are acid fruits with protein, and starch and sugar. Avoid these combinations of food and you'll see these turn to becoming good diets that work fast.

Initially, by the murk of habit, if you're used to eating five meals a day, snacking on something, or anything of that laborious order (laborious for your digestive system), then it might be a bit difficult for you to completely stop at once. Then you have to just train yourself to watch the clock tick to another hour, miss that meal or snack and reach for that sparkling glass of healing and refreshing fruit or vegetable juice, or a fresh fruit instead. And if you really want these good diets to lose weight and stay healthy, include these magic foods and you'll see how your mind and body begin to heal, making you feel wondrously healthy and your life a thing of beauty.

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