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Fix Your Bedroom, Cure Your Insomnia

If you find yourself afflicted with insomnia, your bedroom could well be the culprit. Many of us realize to some extent that the comfort level of our sleeping environment can affect the quality of our sleep, but did you know that the kind of activities we habitually carry out in our bedrooms can affect sleep as well? The following are some tips for creating a sleeping environment conducive for sleep.

• Reserve the bed for sleep and intimacy with your partner. Do not do work, eat your meals or watch television in bed. Condition your body and mind such that they “know” that the bed is associated with sleeping.
• Use comfortable bedding. The mattress that you sleep in must neither be too soft nor too hard, as no one can possibly sleep well when their back is hurting from sleeping on a bed that is too uncomfortable. Of equal importance are the pillows, the degree of hardness of which is up to personal preference. Evaluate whether your bedding is the source of your problem, and make necessary changes.
• Block out distracting noise. If you are one of those people who are highly sensitive to even the slightest noise, earplugs are highly recommended. Troublesome neighbourhood noises can be dampened by installed double-paned windows as well as using heavy curtains and rugs.
• Eliminate light. Our sleep patterns are closely linked to our bodies’ circadian rhythm, which in turn is sensitive to light. Turn off the lights before light as well as any light-emitting appliances. Use shades or curtains that block external light. If all else fails, invest in eye shades and cover your eyes at bedtime.
• Find the right temperature. Set the temperature at a comfortable level for sleeping, usually a few degrees cooler than you’ll keep during the day. A room that is too stifling or freezing will lead to a night of fitful sleep. Also make sure that the room is well-ventilated by switching on a fan if necessary.

Having a good night’s sleep is crucial for a healthy and active life. And a good place to start would definitely be to make your sleeping environment as conducive to sleep as possible.


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