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If our Consulting Service is free?

 We offer commercial and  Non-profit Alternative health Consulting Service.

If you  have low income or  covered by local  any social security support program, then you may qualified for our life-long Non-profit Alternative health Consulting Service*.

Please contact us to see  if you are qualified,     a Special account will be setup  for your free Service.

 and Commercial, we charge by what plan you chose. 

Why SkyBlue Cross? and How to Join Us or Get our Free Consultant Service

Most time, Some people may just feel uncomfortable, instead of sick. then, Hospital Examination Equipment  /Doctor may not able to tell what is the problem. At this kind of situation, Alternative Medicine/health  may  able to help you out. SkyBlue Cross is one of the best alternative Medicine/Health Service Provider in the world, it  is open  Service Platform, anyone is very welcome to join us to serve this World better.

If you are Financial Investor, Please Contact our Accounting Department.

If you are Alternative Expert, willing to work as Volunteer at SkyBlue Cross, Please contact our Human Resource Department.

If you  are Alternative Medical or Heath company, and  Would like to be partner of us to serve this world better together.Please contact  Our Developing Department.

At SkyBlue Cross, we Believe Once we serve this world better, we will get the return we deserved, Sure, maybe just only  Our God's Kiss.

How to choose an Alternative Medicine Practitioner

As Alternative Medicine become more popular in North America, Also related regulations have not developed  well enough. Choosing a Alternative Medicine doctor can be a challenge. With hundreds of names to sift through, how do you know if you’re picking the right one? That challenge is taken to an even higher level when it comes to selecting an alternative medicine practitioner.

Read more: How to choose an Alternative Medicine Practitioner

SkyBlue Cross--your Stronggest Surport Behind each Complementary and Integrative Health Ebook

Each SkyBlue Cross Ebook comes with 5 free "Complementary and Integrative Health Consulting" support e-mails from Alternative Health Experts who are among the world's top in this field. We offer same 5 free "Alternative Health Consulting" support e-mails to Each Ebook you order from our Amazon associated store and Google Ebook Associated Store. If you have Any Question? Just feel free to contact

About Us: Who we are, our mission & Service

We are  a Team:

 we are a team  with kinds of Alternative Medicine experts from all over the world,    most our experts come with decades,  some even with several [family] generations  experience  at many   Alternative Medicine  major fields: Natural food therapy, Traditional Medicine, Alternative Diagnoses, and Modern Alternative  Medicine, which  is  General Alternative Medicine   Update [ with   Chaos Theory  and Quantum  Medicine ], even at the Interesting  field of Health Horoscope.


Our mission
To educate and counsel people for for  better health situation via Solution of  Alternative Health, Some maybe just simply via Health Food  & Optimization of daily food structure

Our services
1.Consultations: For specific health concerns, chronic conditions or personalized eating plans,  we   recommends individual consultations. 
2.Workplace Wellness Programs: SkyBlue Cross  Alternative Health  or  Health Food Solution  offers nutrition counseling and classes at workplaces around Madison city or Toronto city. Programs include "lunch and learns" and longer seminars that fit the health needs and interests of your employees.
3. Health Food Grocery Tours: Smart Shopping for Healthy Foods. Changing your eating means changing your shopping.
4. Better health in Natural way series Lecture.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any question

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