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Dr. John M.Ke and his Functional Food TLC



Dr. John M. Ke worked as SiuFung-UST pharmaceutical Ltd., As pharmacy Quality Control Department Manager in 1990s, and earned his Ph.D Degree from Medical College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio in 2000s

With strong conventional medicine and pharmacy industry background, Dr. John understands the limitation of mainstream medicine. So, Dr. John spent a lot of time to do research work of Integrated and complementary Medicine; many innovative theories and concepts are developed.

In 2006, Dr. John setup his “ Natural health Balanced” concept and related Therapies programs, especially for the aged, Chronic disease Patient and disability. Concept of “Natural Health Balanced” states: human body is self-organized balanced system, anything wrong of the body may lead to new health balanced will be built up; it is so-called “natural health balanced”; it can let our body can still operate properly, even though, there is something wrong there for example: High Cholesterol.


Dr. John Said it may be harmful to body overall health status to change the natural health balanced by any artificial medicine; for example: most high cholesterol have caused by liver metabolic Mal-function. Simply apply artificial chemical to interfere with liver function, this have caused more seriously health problem to our body.

Recent years, under the foundation of Therapeutic Lifestyles change [ Program developed by National Institute of Health ( NIH) ], By integrating modern Quantum Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda, Dr. John have developed many kinds of functional food therapeutic lifestyle changes Program for many public concerned common diseases: high blood pressure, High Cholesterol, diabetics,..etc.

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